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New 2024 stock!

- CNC machined BRASS or ALUMINUM to +/- 0.05mm tolerances
- Magnetic attachment (no holes in your clothing) with N52 grade rare earth magnets press fit into backing plates hydraulically to ensure a permanent attachment without glues.
- Available in polished and antique finishes for the BRASS dots, and polished ALUMINUM
- Comes in an attractive presentation/storage case.
- Hollow dots feature an a lusterous vinyl insert to ensure a high quality finish.
- These are our "6th generation" dots! Always perfecting, always innovating!
- Polymer FLEX backing plates included. Plates can be curved to follow the shape of a collar. To do so, immerse in hot water for 15 seconds, then curve gently and immerse in cold water to set the shape.

Be the talk of the ship with these high grade space dots!

Space Dots!

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